Why a Career in Coal might be for you

There has been a lot said about Generation Y, also known as Millennials in the media recently. From books, to blogs, there are many opinions and research pieces on what this generation will mean for the workplace.

Generation Y includes those born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. And as baby boomers retire, this generation of young people will rule the roost at offices and job sites across Canada. So what does it mean for the mining industry?

As the industry grows and workers retire, the mining sector will need to hire up to 200,000 workers in the next decade. That’s a lot of jobs. Now is a great time to look for a career in the coal industry, upgrade your skills or get trained in mining-related work to take advantage of the pending hiring boom.

Whether you’re a member of Generation Y or not, the bottom line is that the coal industry is hiring. The coal industry offers above average wages, interesting and exciting work, and you could work in some of the most beautiful places in Canada. There are also lots of opportunities for growth and you’ll be a part of an environmentally-sustainable industry that has one of the best safety records of all major industries in Canada.

Canadian coal companies and the companies that support their operations will be looking for workers just like you – and young people are the perfect candidates to take advantage of the growth of the industry and the great jobs that come along with it.

Mining Your Future is a TV mini-series, which explores careers in Canada’s mining and exploration industry. You can watch episodes online to learn about the different jobs out there – from heavy equipment trainer, to environmental technician and everything else in between. Hopefully by watching some of the videos, you’ll find a job that piques your interest!

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