Living the Mining Dream: Women in Canadian Mining

Our industry is incredibly diverse, with more than 120 occupations ranging from geoscience, engineering, trades, technical and operational positions.

Currently, female participation in the mineral exploration and mining industry is underrepresented. A series of videos was recently produced by the BC Mining Human Resources Task Force featuring women working in the mineral exploration and mining industry in non-traditional roles.

These videos show the diverse roles that are available to women who are returning to the workforce, women looking for a career change and students considering career options at high school.  They include aboriginal and new immigrant success stories. The videos cover career preparation, work environment, location and lifestyle, addressing challenges but also the benefits that the featured women enjoy about their role.


Living the Mining Dream: Full Video Series

Living The Mining Dream – Susan Flasha (Senior Project Geologist)

Living The Mining Dream – Nicole Anderson (Environmental Coordinator)
Living The Mining Dream – Mary Brearley (Processing Operations Technician)

Living The Mining Dream – Denise Nunes (Senior Engineer & Lead Metallurgist)
Living The Mining Dream – Emily O’Hara (Environmental Engineer)

Living The Mining Dream – Denise Shackelly (Mill Maintenance Electrician)

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