A snapshot of the Canadian coal mining industry

The coal mining industry is a big part of Canada’s economy. The sector creates thousands of jobs, produces and exports coal products around the world, helps support government social programs like health and education, as well as local businesses and community programs.

Canada is home to 24 permitted coal mines – 19 of which are currently in operation. They’re located in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. And the industry is set to grow. Over the next decade, it’s anticipated that the mining sector will need to hire up to 200,000 workers to fill jobs in exploration, construction, IT, human resources and more.

Canadian coal production has been over 60 million tonnes in the last few years. In 2012, coal production was 67 million tonnes.

  • 38 million tonnes (56%) was thermal coal and produced mainly in the Prairies.
  • 29 million tonnes was metallurgical (steel-making) coal and produced in Western Alberta and BC.

Thermal coal is used as an energy source and for heating homes and industrial operations. Metallurgical coal is used in steel-making to build roads, buildings, and even smartphones, laptops and bicycles.

By working in the coal industry, you’ll get an above average wage and do interesting and exciting work in some of the most beautiful places in Canada. Skiing, mountain biking, fishing and hiking are just some of the outdoor activities to which you can have easy access. Plus, there are many opportunities for promotion and career development.

It’s important to note that the coal industry isn’t just about mining, although that is a key piece of the sector. The coal industry includes everything from exploration to production, laboratory work, marketing/communications, construction and transportation. Plus, it involves many jobs that provide goods and services to the industry.

Interested in looking for a job in coal mining in Canada? Check out the Coal Association of Canada’s Job Board to get started!

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