Consider a career in coal

If you’re thinking about what to do when you get out of high school, a recent graduate or looking to make a career change – consider a career in Canada’s coal industry!

The coal industry is hiring. Over the next decade, the mining industry needs to hire up to 200,000 workers. In BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia – there will be a need for all kinds of careers in the coal industry.

Why Choose a Career in Coal?

  • Higher than average wages, and highest paying in the mining industry
  • Interesting and exciting work
  • Ample opportunities for promotion and growth
  • Live, work and play in some of the most beautiful regions of Canada

Job Diversity

The coal industry isn’t just about coal mining. It includes every aspect of the mining process – from exploration to production. It’s about discovering coal deposits, mining the coal and transporting it to consumers or ports to take overseas. It’s also about the companies that supply goods and services to the industry. Discover why a career in coal might be for you.

A career in coal is worth looking in to.

There’s More To Coal

Job Board

Check out our job board for the most current listings in the country. Your new career could be waiting for you.

Learn The Facts About Canadian Coal

The coal industry isn’t just about mining. The entire process has many aspects.

Jobs & Training

A career in coal isn’t just about hard hats and pickaxes. Diverse job opportunities await you.

Map of Coal Mines in Canada

See a sample of mine locations across Canada.

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